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Commercial Lease Lawyer Canberra, Queanbeyan, Sydney & NSW.

We understand that entering into a commercial agreement is a sizable commitment, one that deserves the attention of an experienced Commercial Lease Lawyer. At M Legal we are able to assist both landlords and tenants with their commercial leases, including retail and industrial leases.

Negotiating & agreeing to the terms of a commercial lease can be a complex process. Our Commercial Lease Lawyers are thorough and detail orientated when it comes to drafting and reviewing your commercial lease agreement. We can also help you negotiate the terms of the lease including rent, transfer, duration, exit and renewal options.

Specialist Commercial Lease Lawyer in NSW.

There are different approaches to commercial leasing depending on which state the premises are located in. At M Legal we specialise in commercial leasing law in NSW & ACT. Our Commercial Lease Lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in state based legislation that may affect your commercial lease agreement.

Drafting & Reviewing Commercial Leases

Negotiating Terms of the Lease

Subletting of Premises

Assignment of Leases

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