Meet Leia Mathai.

Leia is a knowledgeable lawyer with over 12 years’ experience in legal practice.

Leia Mathai graduated from Western Sydney University in 2004 with a combined law and marketing degree. She has since worked in private practice in various areas of law including personal injury litigation, conveyancing and commercial law in Sydney, London and Canberra.

During her career she has worked with boutique law firms and mid-tier law firms. Leia has collaborated with a wide range of clients, including individuals, government bodies and large corporations.

After evaluating her collective professional experiences and insights gained whilst working for other law firms, Leia decided to explore a more independent career path in late 2018. Choosing to change the way she continued practising law, she now focuses her expertise in the area of property law for clients in the ACT and NSW. In early 2019, Leia joined M Legal to build a practice that aligned better with her personal views and values.

Leia strongly believes in open communication and providing a high-quality service to her clients. She is dedicated to making the legal process in the area of property law, simple and clear, ensuring that clients are getting the service and advice they are paying for, from a qualified legal professional.

Leia lives in the ACT and manages our Canberra office.

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