Our promise to you.

At M Legal, our mission is simple; to deliver high quality advice and service. This is only achievable by staying committed to our six core values and principles which we believe define our practice:

At M Legal, we are committed to the following values and behaviours:


We have had long careers in law because we strongly believe in abiding by the law. Our clients return for repeat service because we hold them accountable and will never compromise our ethics or principles in pursuit of business. Clients will come to understand that M Legal’s strength is its ability to stay focused to this cause while ensuring we achieve the best possible result.

Solution orientated

We are in the business of problem solving so naturally we are driven to offer realistic solutions wherever possible. We take a holistic approach and will never make false promises to clients. Even when your case is complex and seems hopeless, we will gladly try to help you find a range of solutions because we value every client.


Engaging a lawyer can be a daunting and costly exercise. We get it! We also try to find a way to work with clients on all budgets where possible. Our lawyers are focused on being compassionate when handling your case. At all times, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with our advisors, especially when you have to disclose intimate and personal information to us.


We understand that you are relying on our expertise when you engage our services. M Legal lawyers are subject matter experts, but we are also ‘human’ and don’t have the answers every time. We are not afraid to admit this to clients as we believe that the best advisors are honest and also resourceful in finding solutions and execute them professionally.


We have our client’s best interests in mind when we are managing cases. Hence, we are not afraid of having difficult discussions with our clients if we know that this might lead to a better outcome in their case. Clearly, we will work with our clients and listen to their concerns and ultimately act on their instructions; we will always ensure all ideas and suggestions are canvassed.


M Legal is a modern firm that is always changing to challenge the status quo. We left our corporate positions to build a firm that does things differently. As part of this development, we continue to look at our business model and processes, to offer digital solutions to clients that improves our service offerings and delivery.