Why boutique firms are suited to service clients during a pandemic

COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on a global scale. Many individuals have faced, and are continuing to face challenges—whether it be loneliness, financial stress, or health problems—triggered by COVID-19. Amongst such uncertain times and in moments of helplessness and vulnerability, M Legal offers an empathetic and unique environment of lawyers who provide certainty and help.

Tailored and individualised approach

M Legal delivers services that are tailored to meet each client’s individualised needs. Every individual undergoes such different experiences and therefore, need lawyers who are experts. The last 12 months is proof that our advisors have weathered the storm, to be able to navigate clients through the complexities in law in the areas of immigration and property, that have arisen.  This is in part due to M Legal lawyers being involved in every step of the transactional process, so we can embed a deeper knowledge of our area and understand client’s pain points, to make our services better.

Lower overheads and flexibility because of being a cloud-based business

M Legal is a cloud-based practice. This gives us the flexibility and technological capabilities to work with anyone, anywhere, and at any time.  The past year has proved that the structure that M Legal has always embraced, is the best way to run a firm. Whilst other law practices might be adjusting to new changes that COVID-19 has demanded, M Legal is experienced in a cloud-based approach. This change has not affected us and we offer this stability and experience to our clients.

It also means that M Legal has lower overhead costs. The costs associated with running a conventional law firm office, is not factored into the costs that our clients are charged. We believe this is important given the financial pressures this pandemic has placed on many individuals. M Legal continues to provide quality services that are competitively priced.  

High level of experience and expertise

At M Legal, we only hire lawyers who have worked in the industry for more than five years. This means that our lawyers are specialised in such a way that their technical knowledge is perfected, ensuring that our clients receive expert advice that can only come through years of experience. Working with a lawyer from M Legal means that you will always talk to a lawyer who is experienced as opposed to a junior staff member.

Personal care, attention, and availability

Lawyers at M Legal make themselves readily available with a flexible time range. Since M Legal is a boutique law firm, any concerns from our clients can be addressed in a timely manner. Moreover, because we run our firm with a focus on personal care, clients are able to contact us at times that work better with their schedules, especially as we know most of us are at work from 9am-5pm. We know that these are trying times and so we willingly collaborate with our clients to answer every question that they might have.  We do not see it as case management. Rather, we value each individual and guide our clients so that the best possible outcomes can be achieved.

Let’s talk

In a world that continues to hold so many uncertainties, M Legal continues to be primed for uncertainty in the area of immigration and property law. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Co-authored by Sofia Maniam and Priscilla Shibu