Changes to the ACT Home Buyer Concession Scheme

For Contracts of Sale entered into after 1 July 2019 (i.e. dated 1 July 2019 and after), new homeowners will pay no stamp duty if:

  • They are over the age of 18;
  • All buyers and their partners have not owned a property in the last 2 years;
  • At least one buyer will reside in the property being purchased for at least 12 months and the period of occupation commences within 12 months of settlement;
  • The total gross income of all buyers and their partners must not be greater than:
  • $160,000 (no dependent children)
  • $163,600 (1 dependent child)
  • $166,600 (2 dependent children)
  • $169,990 (3 dependent children)
  • $173,320 (4 dependent children)
  • $176,650 (5 or more dependent children)
  • All types of properties in the ACT are eligible for this stamp duty exemption if the above criteria is met.
  • The previous First Home Owners Grant is no longer available for transactions entered into from 1 July 2019. If your Contract for Sale is dated before 30 June 2019, please refer to the guideline found at: